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Travis and his 81's                                                         Travis's Cadillac "V"          


Lowell and his 37 Parade Car                                    Lowell's 41 Convertible Coupe



Greg's 54                                                                         Allen's 66


Bill E's 76 Eldorado                                                    Bill_E's 60 Coupe 


Bill_G's 60 Convertible                                                  Chris & his Eldorado Biarritz     


Carl & his 70 Brougham                                                    Lynn & Rhonda and their 70 Convertible



Lewis & Lib in their 68                                                    Lee's 77 Seville



Craig & his 84 Eldorado Biarritz                   Lowell's 37 LaSalle Convertible Coupe



David's 29 Caddy                                                            ...and another of David's beauty



Howard & his 64 Convertible                                            Andrew & his 56 Coupe Deville



Todd & his 60 Convertible                                      Greg's 63 Convertible      



Greg's 58 Brougham



Disclaimer: Please note: At this time, the Carolina Region Cadillac and LaSalle Club is not affiliated in any way with the General Motors Corporation. This site and club are not responsible for any sales or transactions from its Classifieds section.


Last updated on 01/04/2015